Commentary from the opening of Catherine Schmid's exhibition in the gallery « Im Weissen Haus », Winterthur Switzerland - 25.02.1994.

Her paintings are quasi abstract, between reality and abstraction. We often look at this type of work from a distance, as the lack of concrete content leaves us in a state of confusion. When there is no connection with reality, right away we look for associations, memories. Why don't we look for feelings? Paul Klee expressed this idea so well: « Art does not reproduce what we see. Art makes things visible. » 

Catherine Schmid shows us her thoughts, when she uses the sides of freight cars as a theme in her work. From these objects, which we know and see so often, she creates something extraordinary, a painting. This painting does not show once again, what we normally see. On the contrary, we see what we observe in a new way. We accompany the artist on a journey, which has its origins in daily life, which, to our astonishment, leads us to discover a new world. What we see every day becomes very special and aesthetic. 

How did Cicero express this concept? «  The power of paintings is that they suggest something without saying it. » Catherine Schmid uses different techniques in her creations: collage from papers she prepares herself, not « ready mades » like newspaper or wallpaper. She doesn't plan all the details of her work before beginning. On the contrary, she works in a spontaneous manner, letting coincidences play a role. Her works invite us to stop and observe. Her paintings are often « ad memoriam » and narratives recalling memories. In any case they are enigmatic. Kurt Burgauer said: « The only paintings which are going to survive, are those about which the final word cannot be said. »


The gallery director, Florence Calise, describes the work of Catherine Schmid in her exhibition in 2007 in France: "A language through sensitive abstraction, that is the pictorial research of Catherine Schmid. In the beginning a motif, which she develops, expands and multiplies. Meticulous analysis and mastery of form guide her hand through the composition of a collage as well as through colours vigorously applied on the canvas, illustrating vitality of expression.

However, in contrast, transparency, clarity and lightness of line are consciously studied and revealed.

Let yourself be transported by these paintings,strong and delicate as well, which reveal the inner life of the artist, her

feelings, emotions and intuition.


In passing from black to white and white to black, Catherine Schmid shows that black, evoking nothingness and chaos, is the darkness of origins;it precedes Creation. Thus the Light of Creation begins to pierce through the night - artistic creation, but also the Creation that symbolises the end of chaos as forms, order and hierarchy emerge in the universe. We enter into Catherine Schmid's works as if we are drawn into the establishment of that order and the overflowing energy is transferred to the dearest and most mysterious human possession, emotion.