A few words about the artist ...


Catherine Schmid was born in Toronto, Canada. In 1965, she completed her studies by obtaining the "Bachelor of Arts" degree from the University of Toronto.

From 1966, she began a career as a teacher and also traveled, painting and exhibiting her paintings in several countries. 


The creative inspiration of the artist has its origins in Indonesia where she found sharp contrasts between light and dark, because of the climate and structures with triangular shapes.


After moving in 1990 to Switzerland, she lives and works since 1994 in Provence, France. She always explores progress towards clarity, light, consciousness. Where she is, the abstract never leaves.

Her works are present in many public and private collections and have been exhibited in Canada: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto; Here and Now Gallery, Toronto; Indonesia: Cross Cultural Institute, Jakarta; Museum of Contemporary Art Nyoman Gunarsa, Yogyakarta Indonesia; Switzerland: Promenade Gallery, Davos; Schoenenberger gallery Kirchberg; in France: The Consulate Switzerland, Marseille; The comparisons of Salon, Paris; Italy: Galleria Zamenhof, Milan; Palazzo Charles V Lecce; Palazzo Zenobio, Venice. Also following an inspirational thread, different artistic periods Catherine Schmid are revealed below:


Presence of colours inspired spontaneity, emotion , joy around all her works.


The creative inspiration of the artist has its roots in her fascination strong contrasts of light and shadow , black and white, positive and negative. Black represents mystery, the unknown, unconscious. In her work, she uses it in a spontaneous way in which risk , chance and surprise play a role. White imposes clarity, consciousness and revelation. She works in a considered and controlled manner.

 In her creations , contrasts of light and shadow reveal a psychological metamorphosis - the view from the inside outward.

This is a positive transformation that evokes hope. She continues to develop her ideas in the series : " Orientation light" .


Inspired by nature , her view is mainly directed to the elements of the sea and the earth, the wind, the empty space.

2014-2015 "Trough the night - Fragmented Space"

structural and architectural inspiration

2016-2020 "New impetus" Lines & Spaces

A new creative direction in new works.