Catherine Schmid was born in 1942 in Toronto, Canada. In 1965, she completed a"Bachelor of Arts" a degree at the University of Toronto. From 1966, she began a career as a teacher and also traveled, painting and exhibiting her paintings in several countries.  

In 1987 she undertook to explore the creative process through her artistic work. Deanne Bogdan Professor of the Department of Philosophy of Education "The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education" at the University of Toronto, invited her to have an exhibition of her works and to give a lecture to her graduate students. The theme was the creative experience and its relationship to the development of learning. During the 80s, she painted extensively in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.  


In 1990, she moved to St. Gallen in Switzerland, where she continued her artistic career and had several exhibitions. In 1989, she painted in Indonesia and The Cross Cultural Institute in Jakarta showed an exhibition of her drawings and paintings. 


The title of the exhibition was "Indonesia: the first impression of a Canadian artist." The Canadian Embassy in Jakarta was co-sponsor of the event. In 1990, the Museum of Contemporary Art Nyoman Gunarsa in Yogyakarta, Indonesia invited her to be artist in residence for 3 months when she had an exhibition of her works: "Explorations in Indonesia." Mr. David Hutton, who at that time was Chargé d'Affaires at the Embassy of Canada in Jakarta, opened the exhibition.


While in Yogyakarta, she gave a lecture about creativity for students of the Institute of Art.  

In 1994, she settled in southern France, Eyragues, where she has her studio. She continues to have many exhibitions in France, Italy and Switzerland. She is preparing an exhibition in Toronto in 2016. She gives private lessons in drawing and painting to visitors to southern France, who come from several countries: Canada, England and Australia.